Barbecue Everything! - B.E. Company


– The Sauce –

While attending Morehouse College, DC Rawls, Jr. became the honorary cook / grill master at all functions with friends from his hometown of Maryland.  After cooking various meats, DC thought it would be nice to have a condiment on the side.  That’s when the lightbulb lit up!

DC knows just as any grill master knows: good BBQ doesn’t need sauce. However, due to the demands of his friends and family, DC made sure his special B.E. Sauce began making appearances at every cookout.

– The Company –

B.E. Company was established in early 2016 to promote tips of grilling foods and assisting friends, families and clients with their cookout / party needs by taking pressure off  you while we do the work so you can enjoy yourself and entertain your guests. What’s a grilling company without a homemade sauce? B.E. Sauce was created because we want the world to know our flavor; so now you can experience the acclaimed B.E. Sauce for yourself.  Have fun while continuing the tradition of grilling or dipping at your own leisure.

– The Vision –

Barbecue Everything aims to become the condiment of choice worldwide.  As we build our brand, we need your help.  That’s right. B.E. Sauce will one day be used in schools, restaurants, cookouts, family dinners, concession stands, etc.

Our goal is to be on your plate and on your favorite dish.